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 Millsberry Stars!

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Registration date : 2009-05-04

PostSubject: Millsberry Stars!   Mon May 04, 2009 4:58 pm

Forum Name: Millsberry Stars
Motto: Where everyone here is a star...a Millsberry star!
Admin: stargurl67 (me)

Description: Millsberry stars is for all ages. It is a similar forum to mostly other Millsberry-related talk about millsberry.The site was establised on August 16,2007. You can customize your profile with signatures and avaters provided with our grapic artists also upload your own in your personal gallery of your collections.You can find out what's going on in our site by visiting our blog,calendar,and portal. You can also chat in our mini chatbox and post at the same time.You can also participate in many things such as MS contests and member's contests on their own or our forum games and if you are bored,check out our polls in the polls section or play games in our Arcade.There is also points.Everytime you post or come everyday,you get points.You can use them to redeem for millsbucks.You can also get millsbucks by recruiting members to sign-up.

Reason for advertising : A long time ago, I had a few active members.Maybe 1 year ago maybe.I made friends with lots of people but you know how evryone can't stay there forever and how impersonating and hacking was going on.Right now I have about 350 members. I have fixed all the problems that was going on before and now I have some new members and they are active but they are only about 5 out of 350.
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PostSubject: Re: Millsberry Stars!   Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:55 pm

kool forum i love it
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Millsberry Stars!
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